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I'm Robin

I’m a french designer based in Portugal. I'm available for full-time roles, freelance projects and design advicing.

I design digital products and websites for startups, brands, and entrepreneurs with cool projects.

At work

I ask a lot of questions to understand the problems my clients want to solve and the goals they want to achieve. I then create high-fidelity wireframes that aim to address those goals. Those wireframes get turned into visual interfaces, sometimes with subtle motion effects, to be prototyped and tested with real people.

Playing it cool in front of 950 people at Awwwards Amsterdam in 2020

Sounding smarter than I actually am in a book by Design Fund in 2017

Talking about side projects in Antwerp in 2020

Jenny Johannesson & Robbin Cenijn talking about how great I am at Awwwards Los Angeles in 2017

Answering questions of tech folks at Ueno San Francisco in 2017

Marco Coppeto giving me some free publicity in Kikk Festival in Belgium in 2019

In life

I’m the guy who always organizes the holiday trips, and I usually send the most messages on my family’s WhatsApp group. I’m a passionate world traveler (40+ countries). In my ten year career as an amateur boxer, I have an impressively unimpressive unbeaten record (1-0-0). I always eat standing up because those calories don’t count.

BoxingWorking next to a developerBubble TeaLaunch dayEscape GamesEasing curvesMarioEven spacingAcai BowlClean inboxSoccerTeam-driven environment
BoxingWorking next to a developerBubble TeaLaunch dayEscape GamesEasing curvesMarioEven spacingAcai BowlClean inboxSoccerTeam-driven environment
BoxingWorking next to a developerBubble TeaLaunch dayEscape GamesEasing curvesMarioEven spacingAcai BowlClean inboxSoccerTeam-driven environment

Happy clients for a happy life

I’ve worked for a lot of big-name companies, both at agencies and as a freelancer. A lot of it is under NDA or just plain old, but that won’t stop me from dropping some names to imply that I’m kind of a big deal.

Google Express and more (NDA)

Helped redesign redbull.tv

Several projects (NDA)

Prototypes for Newsfeed and Messenger

Helped redesign the Lonely Planet site

Website design for Oculus Go

Dashboard and tools for Airbnb for Work

Landing page for Mercedes-Benz France

Character animations for Waze.com  

Helped with major redesign of Uber.com

Internal product for Chanel employees

Secret TV product(NDA)

Haraldur Thorleifsson
Director at Twitter / Ex-CEO at Ueno

Robin is everything you want in a good creative. He is great at his craft, he is a great designer, he can tell stories through his work, he can make prototypes, he can animate. But more importantly, he is a fantastic team player. He happily picks up any task that needs to get done, he brings energy and joy to any room, he works extremely hard and will always go the extra mile. I can’t say enough good things about Robin, he is a wonderful person, a great designer, and a true team player.

Farbood Nivi
CEO at Fun

Robin is an absolute master at his craft. He generates world-class work at a breakneck pace. I love working with him. I worked with him almost entirely remotely from different continents and the work pace and quality were second to none. Can't wait to work together again.

Brian Norgard
Ex-CPO Tinder, Investor at Norgard Capital

I’ve worked with hundreds of designers in my career and Robin is at the top. I admire him.

Colleen Thom
Product Manager at Airbnb

Robin was a phenomenal designer for our team. He designed one of our highest priority projects of the year, creating a seamless and intuitive experience for our Olympics and Paralympics partnership. Perhaps most impressive was his ability to quickly learn a new design language system at Airbnb, as well as align his designs to both the user and business goals. He required minimal guidance, chartered a lot of territory himself, and was a joy to work with while at it. I highly recommend Robin for anyone looking for a strategic design leader who can guide teams to produce truly magical experiences for users.

Derek Osgood
Founder & CEO at Ignition

Robin is an absolute wizard. I've worked with many, many designers through my career and it's exceedingly rare to find someone able to nail brand strategy, conceptual design, interaction design, and animation as quickly and at as high a level as Robin. Feedback cycles were tight, communication was clear, and execution was world-class. He's an absolute pleasure to work with and there wasn't a single call I didn't walk away from both wildly impressed and with a big smile on my face from both the work and the fun of working with him.

Jonas Carlsson
Head of Studio at Toca Boca

It’s very rare that you find a person who’s great at user experience, visual design, and being able to prototype those experiences with animations in one person. Robin is that person. A fantastic product designer that has been key to develop two innovative concepts. Robin defined interactions, visual design, and animations. What I appreciate most is Robin’s ability to help us get from 0 to 1. There were no design systems, little branding, and a few loose ideas. He helped us shape those loose ideas into an experience that stands out, that is a great experience and is filled with delightful moments. He also provided a great framework for the developer to work with and was very supportive of the development process, understanding the needs, and had really good communication throughout. I can’t recommend Robin highly enough.

Lonn Lee
Vice President, Product & Design Vessel (Verizon)

Robin is extremely thoughtful and creative with his approach to addressing user needs. He based his thinking and approach on clear principals and while he was systematic, his work would regularly push into “out of the box” territory. The resulting interaction/UX design work was always very strong. Context: Robin helped us ideate and design a next-gen media viewing experience. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again and would happily recommend him to any of my colleagues.

Maciej Maślak
CEO at Stealth Mode Startup

If you are looking for the average designer that will try to make you happy by doing ONLY what’s in the brief, Robin is NOT for you. In fact, Robin will come up with his own brief and will always try to push to do great things. It’s important to understand that he will do everything to please your users first, not you. He is good, fast, but most importantly he becomes an extension of your team. He always thinks outside the box and comes up with new interactions that solve your users’ problems.

Rohan Sinha
CEO at Bubblehouse

Robin is not just a designer. We started working together with only ideas, and he’s a co-founder in what we’re trying to build. Yes, he’s an absolutely phenomenal designer who brings ideas to life, and a great prototyper so we can feel designs and ideas before implementing them. But Robin and I worked together on marketing, naming, testing, business strategy, branding, and more. He thinks through problems, devises solutions, and comes up with ideas. He’s detail-oriented, honest, efficient, and thoughtful. He’s a team player and just a great guy in general! He really goes above and beyond in what he does.

Grant Lee
COO at Gamma

If you’re looking for an exceptional product designer, I highly recommend reaching out to Robin. He’s been a great extension of our team, and has already delivered a ton of great ideas and concepts in a short amount of time. He’s hardworking, creative, and most importantly a joy to work with.

Jola Hyjek
Founding Partner & Executive Creative Director at FactorSF

I've had the pleasure to work with Robin on a web project for one of our clients. Robin was quick to get up to speed with project requirements. He was collaborative throughout the entire process, was able to share designs as motion prototypes. Robin's magic power is his ability to take a design challenge and find a simple and elegant solution.

Elena Iv-Skaya

It was amazing to work with Robin on the design of our new website. He has a great sense of elegance, functionality, and aesthetics, he is very passionate about what he does, very attentive to the details and a big perfectionist. He did everything to help us smoothly transition from the outdated design and gave a lot of guidance and advice. The result is an extremely elegant and functional award-winning website.

Ed Bice
CEO at Meedan

Robin is a great designer - he is able to navigate effortlessly between product thinking and pixel-level attention to detail. Great communication skills and timely delivery. We had a very positive experience on a very challenging deliverable.

Fiona Disegni
CEO at Rentez-Vous

Robin is passionate about his work and very careful at details. He did an excellent job on the design and user experience of our web and mobile platforms. He adapted very well to a challenging context and was very independent in his missions. Definitely a profile I recommend.

6+ years around the world to turn a passion into a job

Unlike the Spice Girls, I think that if you want my future, you shouldn’t forget about my past. Those experiences made me the designer and the man I am today.

Writings, interviews & talks

I believe being a designer is more than pushing pixels so if you want to know more about me, you can watch my talks, listen to my podcast, or read my interviews.

Awards & recognitions

I’ve worked on lots of projects that have won awards and even got some myself. But awards are like money: good to get but better to give away. Which is why I’ve loved being on the international jury for Awwwards and Webby Awards for the past few years.

Whenever, wherever. We're meant to work together.

Contact me for full-time jobs, freelance projects, design advices or just to say hello

I have an inbox zero rule so I’ll see your message for sure and, I’ll reply with at least one smiley. I promise. 

Every brief you take, every business you make, I’ll be helping you!

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