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About the project

Designing a portfolio for a wonderful Photographer

The site promotes the stunning work of Russian photographer Elena Iv-Skaya. Elena has a passion for highly aesthetic, strong and elegant imagery with saturated colors, and I built a minimalist layout that let her work stand out on its own. The site introduces Elena to professional photographers, models and agencies that might hire her for shoots.
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Art Direction & Design


Elena Iv-Skaya



Elena Iv-Skaya updating her website on a sunny Sunday Morning (no I'm not lying, you're lying!)


Visual Identity

Visually match Elena's personal style

The design needed to be as elegant and clean as possible. I chose a serif font that felt like one you’d see in a fashion newspaper, and plenty of negative space ensures that the pictures do not fight with each other for attention. I also used very muted colors to keep the focus on the saturated ones in Elena’s photos.


Dreamer Pool III by Elena Iv-Skaya


Visual Design

Elegant and simple

The visual design on Elena’s website needed to fit Elena’s personal style. I wanted a straightforward structure where you can’t get lost: a homepage that houses all Elena’s series’ covers, an about page where you’ll find all informations about Elena and a series page that shows every picture of a project. 

Loading screen to get us some time to load the banger photos

Homepage design : elegant and simple.

Featured slider on the homepage

Dive in the series

I came up with a simple opening animation that works throughout the whole website: showing a full-screen preview of what you will see on the next page. I believe that it makes you dive into that series deeply and right from the beginning. I also chose to keep the scroll position when you go back to the homepage gallery. This was meant to increase the number of series users will open.

Transition from the Home page to a serie page

Series page’s header - Giving some information about the series

Scrolling the serie’s page to discover Elena’s work.

Hold & Drag to have an overview of the photos

The site’s core feature is the hold and drag on the home page, enabling you to see all of Elena’s series in an overview. Because there are 31 series—and that we expect many more in the coming months—we built a way to navigate quickly throughout all her works.

Dragging Animation : removing the space between the grid’s element to give the visitor a faster overview.

Dragging layout

Gallery component to stay in the browsing flow

The main problem with photographers’ websites is that you need to open a series, look at it and then go back to the home gallery to choose another series. To keep the user in the browsing flow, we added a gallery slider on the bottom of each series, so you get an opportunity to go directly to another one without having to backtrack to a landing page.

Gallery component

Elena's personal space

Elena needed a space where she could show a few links to reach her, talk about herself, her style, her client as well as her awards. This is where the about page came handy.

Elena's about page

Electric, Africa Is Now Magazine by Elena Iv-Skaya

The crucial importance of the mobile website

Since Elena's main audience is on Instagram, we put a lot of work into the site’s mobile version—making it accessible and easy to use was a must.


What did I learn?

Collaborate closely with an amazing artist

It was great to visually represent the photographic style of Elena Iv-Skaya thanks to our discussion about how she sees her work and how she approaches every new project. 

Finding the perfect quality/size balance for all the pictures

Obviously, Elena’s photos are the most important part of the website, and there are a lot of them. I tried quite a few sizes and quality exports to find the perfect balance that will not reduce the quality of Elena’s work while still giving us a website fast to load. 

Working with my brother

My brother Raphael Noguier is a front-end developer yet we had never worked together. He was available at that time and really excited about building a new portfolio for Elena so we worked together and that was amazing! 

Double Beauty by Elena Iv-Skaya

Elena Iv-Skaya

It was amazing to work with Robin on the design of our new website. He has a great sense of elegance, functionality and aesthetics, he is very passionate about what he does, very attentive to the details and a big perfectionist. He did everything to help us smoothly transition from the outdated design and gave a lot of guidance and advice. The result is an extremely elegant and functional award-winning website for my company.

Art Direction & Design

Robin Noguier



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